Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Infrastructure and Resource Engineering

Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering

The mission of the Mining and Minerals Engineering Department is to produce high quality, rigorously trained mining and minerals engineers, whose background and education reflect the current level of technology and thought of the profession while maintaining the tradition and style of the trade, and who can enter directly into engineering practice or further studies in their chosen areas of study. Mining engineering covers the exploitation of any natural resource through mining technology. Such resources would include quarry stones, minerals, and even water, as well as the technology of tunneling. In many respects, the technologies of mining engineering are akin to those used in civil engineering, and to this extent, it is proposed to have this Department to cover mining engineering also in addition to its traditional areas.

Our programs will be designed to enable our graduates to take leading roles in the management of minerals and mining companies as well planning and executing research and development work. The emphasis will be to create and establish an environment which motivates the students and lecturers to discover in lecture rooms, laboratories and workshops, innovate in collaboration with industry, design the innovations, and lead in their respective areas of expertise. Key areas will include mining and minerals engineering, geology, environmental management, geotechnics, surveying and renewable energy, which will provide an excellent basis for careers within the Earth resources, civil engineering, environmental and energy sectors.  Our research initiatives and teaching will instill the culture of understanding and managing the Earth's natural processes, resources (minerals, hydrocarbons, energy) and the environment.