Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Infrastructure and Resource Engineering

Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

Civil Engineering profession is one of the core disciplines within engineering that deals with the infrastructure of society. From meeting most fundamental needs like clean water, clean water structures, and safe roads to creating transformative technologies that change how people work and play, Civil Engineers touch every aspect of life. Civil Engineering graduates therefore find career opportunities in both the public and private sector. Civil engineers deal with the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airfields, harbours, railway systems, canals, dams, power generation plants, water supply and sewage systems and other retaining structures, and structural framework of buildings and other structures, and their foundations, balancing service satisfaction with nature. The department offers courses well structured to meet the ever changing demands of the civil engineering and construction industry. We also offer specialized courses at Certificate and Diploma levels on request from Government Departments, Local Authorities and the industry. Some of the popular certificate courses include Certificate in Civil Engineering, Fire Engineering, and Computer Aided Drawing and Design CADD (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD etc,). All the courses offered in the Department are designed to impart practical skills to enable graduates enter the job market as productive employees or self employed people. Our Diploma in Technology graduates are like hot cakes to the construction industry. Employers visit the Department from time to time seeking information about graduates for employment.

Ongoing Initiatives:
The Department is negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Materials Testing and Research Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Division of Infrastructure through the office of the Director University-Industry Partnerships to collaborate in the training of Materials Engineers. There is a serious shortage of Materials Engineers in Kenya.

The Director University-Industry Partnerships appointment the Department to coordinate with Housing Finance Foundation (HFF) the training of 1000 artisans and loans provision to Diploma in Technology students within the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology. The University has an MOU with Housing Finance Foundation.