Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Infrastructure and Resource Engineering

Department of Engineering Economics and Management

With the rapid evolution of technology, the major interest in the execution of engineering projects has shifted to “optimization and sustainability”. With focus on optimization and sustainability, two new disciplines have joined technology as core areas of knowledge expected of the engineer; economics and the environment. TU-K appreciates that  the engineer today must be conscious of the economic and environmental implications of their projects. Department of Engineering Economics and Management will train the engineer to demonstrate cost-benefit analysis for their projects on one hand, and ensure that their projects do not have negative impacts on the environment but instead promote the tenets of a sustainable environment on the other hand.
The importance of these two factors in the practice of engineering are firmly recognised in the definition of engineering as given by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The Department seeks to respond to the modern requirements in the realisation of engineering projects. Its mandate covers engineering economics, sustainable engineering, engineering management, and business engineering.